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Dennis ArticulateCreativeThoughtfulLiberal Son of Clyde and DrusillaBrother of Gaynl and Gary Lover oftout les choses françaises Who feels depressed byilliteracyignorancebigotry Who needscreative peopleold and dear friendshis grandchildren Who worries aboutthe economythe planetthe world we’re leaving to our children and grandchildren Who would like to seea return to the values of a liberal educationreverence for rational […] (Read more)

Why Write?

I began writing a journal twenty-six years ago, in December 1985. Yesterday, I went to the garage to retrieve the boxes in which seven three-ring binders of my journals are stored. I halued the boxes into the house, unpacked the binders, and arranged them chronologically on the kitchen counter. For a number of years, I […] (Read more)

I am from…

I am from Clyde and Drusilla, William and Hattie, Albert and Emma, George and Elizabeth, Daniel and Nancy, William and Ittle, Charles and Minnie. I am from colonial Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota farmland, the Oregon Trail, Arizona Territory, California. I am from the converging objects of the universe perpetually written to […] (Read more)

Diamante 1 & 2

Diamante 1 [1968] Straight direct paragon marrying procreating celebrating participation inclusion alienation closet deviating hiding fearing transgressive abandoned Gay    Diamante 2 [2008] Straight honest courageous caring understanding loving The Best Little Boy in the World Grows Up communicating feeling trusting truthful acknowledged Gay