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Building a Web Site, Creating a Blog, & Gratitude

My online life began in late 2006. The rationale behind an online existence was to create a space to share aspects of my life with family and friends through writing supplemented with photographs. With the help of a professional web designer, I built a web site. The web site design was beautiful and functioned exactly as I wanted. […] (Read more)

Gratitude & Mindfulness

A favorite blogger, the Healthy Librarian, published a blogpost about the research behind the “gratitude attitude,” in which she summarizes some of the research studies that conclude that developing the habit of thankfulness is a sure-fire way to quell anxiety, neutralize anger and bitterness, increase happiness, eliminate depression, and improve the quality of sleep. “Who […] (Read more)

Paying It Forward

Last week, I lost my cell phone. This is not just any cell phone. This is a titanium Blackberry Curve 8300 that receives my email and holds my address book, calendar, to do list, notes, and important information like user IDs and passwords for a slew of online accounts. Discovery of the loss made me […] (Read more)