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Just for Tricks

I steered my car on to the circular gravel drive of the Buffalo Motor Lodge in Flagstaff, Arizona and stopped. A building, low and dark, split lodge pole pine siding. A long verandah stretching the length of its front was lined with Adirondack-type lounge chairs under the overhang of a cedar shingled roof Steps in […] (Read more)

Diamante 1 & 2

Diamante 1 [1968] Straight direct paragon marrying procreating celebrating participation inclusion alienation closet deviating hiding fearing transgressive abandoned Gay    Diamante 2 [2008] Straight honest courageous caring understanding loving The Best Little Boy in the World Grows Up communicating feeling trusting truthful acknowledged Gay

God Bless the Moon Redux

My nephew, Kenneth, is the inspiration for this blog which I began writing, albeit sporadically, two years ago. One of the first posts I wrote was a story about Kenneth entitled “God Bless the Moon.” Initially, I intended to call the blog “God Bless the Moon” or, simply, “GBTM.” Although complications with the blog’s title […] (Read more)

Change, Reinvention, and Grace

My college is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Recently, the college hosted a gala celebration attended by faculty, staff, students, alumni, retirees, and community members. Unable to attend, the college’s founding president sent a congratulatory video. Two former presidents also attended, one of whom left the college in unpleasant circumstances. Surprised to see her, I was […] (Read more)


Years ago, in a UCLA Extension Writers’ Program Workshop, I learned a technique called “bookending.” It’s a simple practice designed to keep one writing. The idea is to call someone, preferably a writing buddy, and to tell him or her that you’re going to write. Give as much information as you feel is necessary: how […] (Read more)