Blogus Interruptus

derwerffboggg was interrupted by renewed interest in genealogical research. I dropped blogging to focus on family history. I found paternal second great grandparents. Using DNA, I found my mother’s biological father. I identified Empire Loyalists in Canada and 1640s Colonial ancestors in Connecticut. I enrolled in a ProGen Study Group, an 18-month professional genealogy training program sponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogist (BCG). Neither time nor effort wasted.

At the time I stopped blogging , September 16, 2014, I had developed a personal blog challenge: Write 26 blog posts on 26 topics, a total of 676 blog posts. Publishing two posts per week would take six and a half years.

Fast forward to today, September 10, 2020. I published 31 blog posts. That’s five posts per year. At that rate, writing the remaining 645 blog posts will take 129 years.

I love to write, especially about people, places, ideas, and events that enrich my life. I’m going to take another shot at my personal blog challenge. Wish me luck. And stay tuned.

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