Personal Blog Challenge Update

Sunday is a day off from blogging; but, I decided to make a change in the focus and organization of my personal blog challenge.

I began the challenge with a plan to write 26 blog posts on each of 26 themes. Poetry is first theme I chose. To date, I’ve written 14 posts on 14 poems that are significant to me.

To keep the challenge fresh, I decided to mix it up. Instead of devoting an entire month to a single theme, I plan to write a post on a different theme each day. This offers more variety and keeps the challenge from becoming drudgery.

Following the blog challenge is easy. You can subscribe to my blog and receive each new post by email when it is posted. To subscribe, look for the “Subscribe to derwerffblogg by email” block in the upper right corner of the blog. Enter your email address in the box and click “Subscribe to derwerffblogg.” A notice will appear that says “An email was just sent to confirm your subscription. Please find the email now and click ‘Confirm Follow’ to start subscribing.” Clicking “Confirm Follow” will open a web page that says your subscription has been activated.

You can comment on each blog post as you receive it by clicking on the “Comment” button and writing your comment. I am pleased to hear from readers and I try to respond to all comments.

Thank you for your interest in derwerffblogg.

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