Building a Web Site, Creating a Blog, & Gratitude

My online life began in late 2006. The rationale behind an online existence was to create a space to share aspects of my life with family and friends through writing supplemented with photographs.

With the help of a professional web designer, I built a web site. The web site design was beautiful and functioned exactly as I wanted.

My blogging career began with derwerffblogg, a hosted blog linked to my web site. I chose “people, places, ideas, and events that enrich my life” as the blog’s tag line. I have covered a lot of ground since my first blog post on September 9, 2007.

Maintaining the web site became more work than I wanted. With the development of web technology and content management systems, I discovered a blog was what I wanted.

After five years, I abandoned the web site and moved derwerffblogg from to a self-hosted site using the WordPress platform. That has worked well and I am pleased with my decision.

I’ve gone through dry spells in which I haven’t posted for months. I’ve traveled and kept up the blog on a regular basis. I survived the April 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge.

At present, I am launched on a personal blog challenge, a response to my desire to honor a commitment to write regularly. A blogging buddy with whom I “bookend” keeps me accountable.

The more I reflect on what enriches my life, the more I find I have to be grateful for. So, my blog is both a place for reflection and for gratitude.

As part of my daily writing, I make a gratitude list. Certain things I list daily. Other days, a thought may occur that reminds me I am grateful for one more thing. I add it to my gratitude list.

Focusing on gratitude opens space in my life for more good and more reasons for gratitude; and, gratitude eases stress.

One morning last week I received an email from a friend who follows my blog. “More fine words on your recent ‘blogg,’” she wrote. “I look forward to these little luminaries as they shine into my inbox.”

“Luminaries” that shine into anyone’s inbox are a source of deep gratitude and all the reason I need to continue blogging.

2 thoughts on “Building a Web Site, Creating a Blog, & Gratitude

  1. Annis Cassells

    Grateful for you and your presence in my life, Dennis. Talk about what and whom enriches! Yes, I’ve also found the gratitude list to be a powerful reminder of how great a life I have. It also seems to open the way for more wonderful things to come into my life. Then I can write THOSE on my list. A delicious circle. Thank you. xoA

  2. Anke Hodenpijl

    All writing, to me, is about gratitude and sharing meaningfulness. It is “living prayer”.
    Today, you are my “amen”.



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