Blogging a Life

I began journaling 30 years ago. To give my journal a focus, I created an imaginary alter ego to whom I bared my soul. I began blogging seven years ago without knowing to whom I was writing or why. I wrote whatever came to mind and posted it.

I don’t promote a product or a service. I don’t tell or show anyone how to write or how to blog. I observe and comment. What I observe triggers memories. I write about the memories. Often I write about doubt or I pose a question: Why is this situation the way it is?” Before I know it, I’ve written several lines or even pages. The doubt is dispelled and the situation is clarified.

I write with a pen on lined spiral notebook pages. I thought blogging would change my writing process. I tried composing at the computer keyboard but found it a distraction. I am constantly correcting, editing,  and revising. When I write by hand, the words spill on to the page. Later, I transcribe what I’ve written and revise and edit. At times I keep only a small portion of what I wrote to use for a blog post. Other times I find enough for two, three, or four posts. Writing surprises me.

Writing is therapy. Writing is positive addiction. Writing is spiritual practice. My life would be dark without the light writing shines into its corners and dark areas. In Pat Schneider’s words, “writing is how the light gets in.”

Blogging enlarges my life. Through blogging, I engage with others who share my interests, positive attitudes, and gratitude for all life gives me. I was pleased to learn that blogging about my life makes me a “lifestyle” blogger. I have a focus.

2 thoughts on “Blogging a Life

  1. Joan Raymond

    I find I write best when using my computer since I can write faster. Although, there are times when I want to slow down and writing in a journal helps me accomplish that goal.

    To me blog posts are a series of short, short stories about life and whatever interests me at a given time. Humor, empathy, or emotions will spill out over the page in ways I had not planned when I started the post.

    Writing always brings something I’d never expected – which is why I love to write.


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