Señor de la Conquista

El dia del Señor de la Conquista is celebrated the first Friday in March. The feast has its origin in an event that took place in 1575. Two Spanish priests who were transporting an image of Christ to San Miguel were attacked and killed by Chichimecas Indians south of the village. The image was later fetched by the villagers and has since been worshiped especially by the Indians in the area.

Scores of dancers in elaborate pre-Hispanic costumes and plumed headdresses dance for hours accompanied by the beating of drums.

Addendum (March 14, 2014)

Dancers conquered by the Lord of the Conquest
Dancers, dressed in the pre-Hispanic Indian way, with colorful plums and seed pod rattles, danced from sunset to sunrise on Friday, March 7, to celebrate the venerated Lord of the Conquest, a figure representing Christ crucified, in a festivity with an old tradition in San Miguel. While the dances took place in the streets surrounding the Jardín, hundreds of people went into the Parroquia to venerate the figure of the Lord of the Conquest, usually in a side altar, but moved to the main altar during the festivity, as a symbol of the power of God and his love for the Indians. People pray 33 creeds in his honor, in memory of the 33 years that Christ lived on Earth. San Miguel has become the capital of this celebration since several groups of dancers from other parts of the country come to the city to participate in these festivities. There is another similar figure of the Lord of the Conquest in San Felipe Torresmochas, but no special celebration takes place in that town to honor Christ.

The Lord of the Conquest festivity is celebrated on the first Firday of March. According to tradition it is done on Friday because it was the day when Jesus Crhist died. The celebration begins on Turdsdday night, when at 10 p.m. dancers from several parts of the country meet at El Sindicato in Recrero 4 to pray before a statue of the Lord of the Conquest.

Jesús Ibarra. Atención, XL: 12 (Mar. 14-21, 2014)

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  1. Charlotte Abrams

    Your post and pictures are wonderful. It brought back memories of our time in Ecuador in 1985, visiting my son who was in the Peace Corp. We traveled to the town of Riobamba and saw a holiday festival. Parades, vendors, and a drink loaded with booze. Everyone was having a good time. Interestingly, the town had a high school named after President Kennedy. Marvelous!.

    Don’t know if you remember me mentoring my Aunt Marion, a staid matron, widow of a well known attorney in Chicago. She spent a good portion of the winter in San Miguel. Me thinks she may have done more than soak up the sun.

    Keep on having your wonderful time.


  2. Karen

    Wow! What amazing colors and energy to be seen alive!
    Thank you so much for sharing Dennis.
    You must give us a blow by blow when you get home!
    Love Karen

    1. Dennis VanderWerff Post author

      Thanks, Karen. Yes, it is amazing. And the drums! You would have loved the drums. I am looking forward to seeing you when I return home. Lots of photos, lots of stories.



  3. Judy McDole

    Hey Dennis, these are wonderful photos. I love the clear focus on the subjects even when they are moving. You also have wonderful shots of folks who didn’t seem to know you were photographing them. Great job.

    Love and hugs, Judy

  4. Robert Watson

    I loved seeing your photos Dennis. Mexico and its inhabitants are so colorful… I miss being able to experience that.

  5. Sandy Sanford

    Thanks for showing me the color, drama and celebration through your photographic eye. Great work. You capture the culture and emotion. Would like to hear and see more. When do you return?
    I’m off to Ireland for the month of April. Hoping to delve into another culture with photos and words. You are my inspiration.

  6. Eileen

    What great pictures. The costumes and the colors are unbelievable . Hope your having a great time.



  7. Regina Craig

    Oh, Dennis,
    How wonderful! Absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy for you and your travels. What a life. Enjoy,




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