Primavera (Spring) in San Miguel de Allende is welcomed with a children’s parade. Kindergartners and pre-schoolers dressed as insects, flowers, fruit, circus animals, and cartoon characters make their way through the streets of central San Miguel to the Jardin. Costumes designed and made by parents show eye-catching creativity. The children, shepherded by teachers over the mile-long parade route, are adorable. More touching, maybe, than the beautiful children are the beaming faces of proud moms and dads.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, posting 241 pictures will leave me without readers. I selected a few pictures that capture the sweetness of the San Miguel Primavera parade. Enjoy!

The Parade

The Children

The Dogs


9 thoughts on “Primavera

  1. Karen Kuckreja

    These are stunning photos Dennis! I am forwarding to Donna. We will all be thinking of you tomorrow, Tuesday at 1:30!

    Have a continued wonderful time!
    Love Karen

  2. Janet Skibinski

    Dennis, these are adorable. The expressions on the kids faces are priceless.

    Looking forward to seeing you,

    Janet xo


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