Sunday Morning in San Miguel

Sunday morning is a good time to wander El Centro (The Center) of San Miguel. The streets are empty, there are few people about, it’s easier to shoot interesting architectural details, and there are always curiosities that catch my eye.

Here are photos of what I saw early this morning. (Click on a thumbnail to open an image collection gallery. Navigate through the images in the gallery by clicking on left or right arrows. To close a gallery, click on the “x” in the upper left corner of the gallery screen ).



Architectural Detail

Eye-Catching Curiosities

0 thoughts on “Sunday Morning in San Miguel

  1. Joan Raymond


    I love all the pictures you shared. The vibrant colors and quaint streets really caught my eye. Each one was unique and as much as I wanted to pick a favorite, I couldn’t. Although, the one with the gentleman sitting in what looked to be a bar kept pulling me back to take just one more peek.



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