San Miguel Musings

Though I prepare most meals at home, I eat out two or three times a week.

Annis and I met for breakfast at La Posada Corazón, a beautiful B&B in a spacious Mexican house near the center of San Miguel. The guest rooms and dining room are surrounded by gardens, fountains, and leafy trees.  Breakfast is a la casera (home cooked) with organic produce from the inn’s garden. Delicioso!

I met friends at Azotea, a rooftop restaurant just off of the main square. We ate dinner and watched the sunset. Rose and Cathy ordered jicama and shrimp tacos. Tissue thin slices of jicama instead of a tortilla shell. They rave about them. I had an excellent vegetarian pizza and learned that Mexicans use salsa inglesa (Worcestershire sauce) on their pizza, as well as red pepper flakes and assorted hot sauces.

Helado Michoacana is around the corner from my apartment. That’s dangerous. Two scoops of ice cream cost 10 pesos. I’ve tried chocolate, capuccino, and pistache.

The Movie Pocket Theater is a cozy art-house cinema complete with a bar and a spacious lounge area.  The theater screens Academy nominated films and award winning foreign films and documentaries. A hundred pesos buys a drink, a bag of popcorn, a comfortable lounge seat, and a movie. Can’t beat it. I saw Philomena and Nebraska. I may get to see all of the Oscar nominated films before March 2.

As I wander the streets of this enchanted city—with or without camera—trompe-l’œil curiosities catch my attention as if checking that I’m paying attention. A tangle of wires converges overhead on a utility pole. A pool of water in the street reflects the brilliant colors of buildings.  Weathered doors with ornate hardware. A skinny young photographer dressed in black photographs a dreamy-eyed, pudgy couple posing on the steps of the Parroquia. Framed by the doorway of a bar, a well-dressed old man stares at an unseen television. In a antique shop window, La Virgen de Guadalupe watches over an old Coca-Cola ice chest.

Annis left for home at 4:00 a.m. Thursday morning. I miss her.

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  1. Eileen

    Love all the pictures. I’ve been sick and in the hospital, that’s why I haven’t written anything. Phyllis came in and I was in the hospital. I will go into details when you get home.

    Love you miss you.



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