The Third Thing

‘ ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘‘ ‘‘ ” ” ” ‘writing-penWhen you’re a writer there’s you and there’s writing. There has to be a third thing. I’ve already said “writing,” so it has to be something other than that. What’s my third thing? Me, writing, and photography. Photography is a form of writing—writing with light. I have loved photography since I got my first camera—a Kodak box camera that used 620 black and white film I never knew if I got a photograph. I would take the roll of “exposed” film to Keith’s Photo, wait a week for the processing, then hold my breath as I opened the envelop and looked at the photos. Some times I was surprised. Many times the photo was over exposed, blurred, something other than what I thought I was shooting. In those days, it was common for an amateur photographer to hear someone say, “If that turns out, I’d like to get a copy.”

From the box camera I graduated to a Kodak “Brownie” that I got as a twelfth birthday present. The Brownie used 127 film—black and white. I think I got 12 exposures from a roll of film.

In high school, I got my first 35mm camera. Kodak, again. The camera belonged to a friend, Pauline, who worked for Kodak in Palo Alto. I thought because she worked for Kodak she much know everything about photography. Later I learned she was one of the people on the processing line who wore white gloves and shoved processed photos into envelopes. She sold me the camera because she needed the money.

In the Navy, I traveled to Japan and Hong Kong. I bought two cameras during those years. The first was a Yashica twin lens reflex that I sold to a shipmate who wanted a camera because he had just become a father. The second camera was a Petri 7S, 35mm. I loved that camera and shot thousands of photographs.

‘ ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘‘ ‘‘ ” ” ” ‘canon-5dCollege and career interrupted my my interest in photography. A few years ago, approaching retirement, I bought a Canon Rebel and began the serious study of photography. I used the Rebel for about three years then upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark II. What a camera! Probably way more camera than I need, but I love it.

I enjoy being the “official” photographer at family events and at meetings of various organizations of which I am a member. I love travel and take great pleasure in capturing photos of my travels and producing slide shows and picture books.

In less than a week’s time, I am off to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Light, color, action. A photographer’s paradise.

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  1. Joan Raymond

    I took several photography classes in high school. I learned how to thread the film in the metal reel for developing, then go into the darkroom using the enlarger to make the prints. I remember the magical moments when the images would begin to appear on the white paper as it was dipped into the fluid-filled trays.
    I don’t take as many pictures as I used to, but when something catches my eye I try to capture it with my phone or Nikon digital camera.
    There’s something special about capturing single moments on film – whether it’s digital or the old fashioned way.


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