‘ ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘‘ ‘‘ ” ” ” ‘coffee-ritualsA ritual is a customarily repeated series of acts. A couple of days ago, while leafing through The Daily Writer, I read about the rituals of writing. The piece didn’t speak to me; but, the idea of “ritual” stuck.

The LA Times crossword puzzle is a ritual, an act, repeated every morning. Little, if anything, disrupts morning coffee and the crossword puzzle. Repeated acts have come and gone; but, morning coffee and the LA Times crossword are ritual.

Laundry on Monday is a ritual, as is changing the sheets on my bed.

I walk Robbie every day, rain or shine. Ritual.

Bridge nearly became a ritual. I realized it was eating my life. Bridge is not a ritual

Cleaning house is not a ritual. I wish it were; but, it’s not.

Ironing is not a ritual. Dress shirts go to the laundry. I iron sport shirts and T-shirts. Recently, however, I got behind. So, I took a stack of twenty or so sport and T-shits to the laundry to be pressed only. It cost $83.00. That definitely will not become a ritual.

As I walked toward my motel on Colorado Boulevard last Monday, I passed a laundry/dry cleaner. A man parked his car right in front and walked into the shop. I was impressed that the only customer in the shop found a parking place on a busy Pasadena street in front of the business he wanted to patronize. Is this a repeated act, I wondered.

I’m working on making writing a ritual—an act I do everyday. Anne Lamott says “put your butt in the chair and write.” Some rituals begin with finding a parking place.

0 thoughts on “Rituals

  1. Mark Fisher

    I have several rituals in the morning, but sadly writing hasn’t become one. Oh I get all kinds of writing done, but it hasn’t yet become ritualized. Or maybe it has and I don’t recognize the ritual yet.

  2. Annis

    Terrific post, Dennis. I love how you tied in the parking place.

    I’m working on making the Morning Pages my daily writing ritual. Other than that, I am a random-kinda girl. If I do anything too many days in a row, I seem to switch it out in short order.

    They talk about the health benefits of water with lemon. I tried drinking a glass each morning. That lasted a week.Some people take their vitamins and other pills at a certain time each day. I am hit or miss throughout the day and need many reminders that I haven’t taken them all yet.

    I enjoy doing the newspaper’s crossword puzzle and for a time settled down to do it while watching mindless television in the evenings. That fizzled, but the good news is that I have time to read my fellow bloggers’ posts instead.

    Thanks for a fun and interesting read. xoA

  3. Joan Raymond

    I have several rituals, but sadly cleaning the house on regular days is not part of that list. My house cleaning is usually the oh-my-its-critique-group-night-and-I-need-to-vacuum type ritual.


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