X is for Xyla

is for Xyla.

“My real name is Xyla,” said Dawn.

“Really?” I said. “Like xylophone? Your mother must have had a thing about names beginning with Z.”

“Just kidding,” said Dawn. “I thought you might need a name for Z.” We laughed.

“I was wrong,” I said to Dawn the next afternoon. “Xylophone begins with X, not with Z.”

“I know,” she said.

“I wanted to write about you,” I said, “and Xyla makes it possible to include you in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.”

Dawn is Candace’s daughter. Candace was the victim of a horrific tragedy last June. Dealing with your mother’s death is hard enough. Dealing with the senseless murder of your mother is an experience beyond comprehension.

Dawn is the embodiment of grace in the face of tragedy and heart rending grief. A spiritual woman, Dawn  pulled herself together and gathered a support system of like-minded friends about her. She moves forward, day by day, perhaps, some days, minute by minute.

Dawn and her husband, Keith, put their lives on hold to care for Bob, Candace’s husband who, though badly wounded, survived the attack. From the start, Dawn kept family and friends informed of Bob’s condition and progress by posting messages on Bob’s Facebook page.

Waiting until Bob was well enough to participate, Dawn organized a memorial service for Candace that was a fitting and beautiful celebration of her mother’s life.

Studying to be an energy healer, Dawn is calm and mindful of her presence. Working daily to preserve her sense of peace, Dawn focuses on the manifestation of positive energy. She is an amazing woman.

I didn’t know Dawn before this event occurred. Just as I am certain the Universe planned and effected my connection with Bob, I feel confident that a part of the plan was to bring Dawn into my life. It is an honor to know her.

0 thoughts on “X is for Xyla

  1. Joan Raymond

    Every time I read your blog, I think of how much my life has been enriched by meeting your A-Z friends and family. Xyla/Dawn, such a wonderful woman and special person in your life. A strong woman, full of life and energy.

    1. Dennis Post author

      Thank you, Joan. I am happy to have the opportunity to connect with you through stories of some of the special people in my life,

  2. Jer

    After reading about Dawn, I don’t think anyone will begrudge you including her in your A to Z posts in a roundabout way. 🙂

    1. Dennis Post author

      I’ve had to back into several letters of the alphabet to fit my posts into the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Doing so adds to the challenge.


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