S is for Susan and Sharon

is for Susan and Sharon.

I wanted daughters. When Susan was born, I was so excited and happy I nearly leaped over the delivery table. “We got a girl,” I shouted.

Forty years ago, we didn’t know the gender of a baby before its birth. Men were just beginning to participate in the births of their children. I didn’t make that decision until Mary was on the gurney being pushed into the delivery room. “Are you coming in?” asked Dr. Johnson.

“Yes,” I said.

Three years later, Sharon was born. “We got a little girl,” I shouted to Mary. My life was was blessed with the two beautiful daughters I wanted.

I loved being a daddy. Along with all of the usual little girl stuff, Susan and Sharon played soccer and volleyball, enthused through cheer leading, and suffered through piano lessons. Summers, we did swimming lessons and library reading club. “Let’s make cookies,” I’d say when I ran out of other things to do with them.

Midway through the normal, happy childhood I planned for my daughters, I changed the plan. Dealing with a gay dad was not an experience I planned to give them. Susan was fourteen and Sharon was eleven. Mary and I divorced. A new job in another town two hours away meant leaving the girls to face both emotional and physical abandonment.

To talk about Susan and Sharon without talking about the quality of our relationship today is impossible. Acceptance defines the relationship I enjoy with my adult daughters. And Susan and Sharon were—and continue to be—my teachers. Our relationship is open and honest. We don’t hide, we don’t cover up, we don’t make excuses. We are free of emotional baggage and respectful of each others individuality.

I wanted daughters. My life is blessed with Susan and Sharon

12 thoughts on “S is for Susan and Sharon

  1. Annis

    There you go, touching my heart again, Dennis. The love and relationship between you and Susan and Sharon brings a smile through the tears you know are pooled in my eyes. Love you. xoA

    1. Dennis Post author

      Even knowing you “get that way,” I am always surprised when told what I’ve written brings a smile and tears. Thanks you, dear Annis. Love you, too. XOD

  2. Jerry

    I, too, wanted daughters, and I, too am blessed with two of them. I want every moment to last as long as it can, I don’t want to rush along time that already passes too quickly, but I always have some apprehension about their relationships with each other and with me as they grow into adulthood. But they know how much I love them, and I believe I’ll have as good a relationship with them as adults as you do with Susan and Sharon.

    1. Dennis Post author

      From the little I know of you, Jerry, I suspect your daughters are equally blessed to have you as their father. I know the feeling of not wanting the time to pass too quickly. I have a photograph of my daughters around ages six and three. Every now and then I look at that photo through misty eyes. “I want it all back,” I say to myself. Gratitude for the relationship I share with Susan and Sharon brings me back to the present.

  3. Joan Raymond

    “…free of emotional baggage and respectful of each others individuality.”

    If all families could be like that, there would be so many more happy people. I’m so glad you’ve introduced your daughters to us. Continuing to learn from each other enriches all of your lives.

    1. Dennis Post author


      I am glad this blog challenge has introduced us. I look forward to becoming better acquainted. Thank you for your comments and encouragement.

  4. Cathy


    “To talk about [your blog posts] without talking about the quality of [your writing] is impossible.”

    Taking a line from your blog, I continue to study your unique ability to express so much feeling in so few words. Each blog is worth a chapter in the best of books.

    I love this A-Z blog.

    Thank you.

    1. Dennis Post author


      Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support. When I get a book publishing contract, I will insist that you get to write the dust jacket blurbs!


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