K is for Keith

is for Keith.

The son-in-law of my friend, Bob, I’ve known Keith for less than a year. I blogged last June about the tragedy that befell Bob and his wife, Candace. Bob was hospitalized for nearly four months. During his hospital stay, I visited Bob several times and became acquainted with Keith. I liked Keith immediately.

Bob could not have a better or more loyal caregiver. Keith feeds Bob, bathes him, dresses him, does his laundry, changes his bed, drives him to rehab and to medical appointments. Whatever Bob needs, Keith is there to help him.

Bob has good days and bad days. He would prefer not to depend on a wheel chair. There are days, I’m sure, when he’s overwhelmed by the road he sees ahead. At times, Bob gets into a pretty serious funk. A straight shooter, Keith tells it like it is, quietly reminding Bob that if he wants recovery he’s got to do the work. Bob doesn’t argue. He respects Keith.

I respect Keith. I respect Keith for his essential goodness, for his kindness, and for the depth of his compassion. I respect him for his courage and for the guts it takes every day to stay at home to care for Bob.

What happened last June to Bob and Candace turned the world upside down. Keith is Bob’s anchor and safe haven in the stormy seas  and uncharted waters of  a less than certain journey to reclaim wholeness. In a world where heroes are in short supply, Keith stands as a model of heroism. I am proud to know Keith.

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  1. Dana Martin

    Oh, that we would all have a Keith one day. Evidently, Bob is a fantastic father-in-law to have earned such loyalty and devotion from Keith.

    Precious profile of a generous heart and man. As always, I continue to look forward to every word you write.

    Dana at Waiter, drink please!

    1. Dennis Post author

      Keith is an exceptional man. So is Bob. I’m spending next week with Bob and family to give Keith a break. I expect to have time, too, to catch up with my A to Z Blogging Challenge activities following the problems with the assault on WordPress. Thanks, again, Dana. I always look forward to your comments.

  2. Annis

    What a blessing Keith is to Bob and the rest of his family. That kind of devotion is admirable — and rare. And YOU are there for Keith as well as for Bob. Bless your heart, dear friend. xoA

    1. Dennis Post author

      Thank you, dear Annis, for you kind words. I will miss you next week, but I’ll be in daily contact through the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Love you, Dennis

  3. Joan Raymond

    I missed reading your blog the last few days, but am slowing catching up. Every post touches my heart and brings me joy. Your writer’s voice is so genuine and full of gratitude. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    1. Dennis Post author

      I appreciate your comment. Coming from a fellow writer, it mean means a lot to me. Thanks for your encouragement and support, Joan.


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