A Piece of Peace

Peace. As in shalom?

Or, piece, as in a part of? I wish you piece, a piece of the pie.

Peace. The holidays: Christian Jewish, Moslem. Everyone seeks peace at those times of the year, but it is like a period of time that is clearly demarcated and on either end of the demarcation no one thinks about peace. Like the old cliche, “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it,” many people talk about peace, but few do anything about it.

Is it possible ever to achieve a goal like world peace?

People seem more focused on a piece of something: a piece of the pie; my piece of the pie. Some people believe they are constitutionally entitled to a larger piece of the pie than anyone else.

The fact is, there can never be peace—social justice—until everyone has a piece of the pie.

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