God Bless the Moon Redux

My nephew, Kenneth, is the inspiration for this blog which I began writing, albeit sporadically, two years ago. One of the first posts I wrote was a story about Kenneth entitled “God Bless the Moon.” Initially, I intended to call the blog “God Bless the Moon” or, simply, “GBTM.” Although complications with the blog’s title caused me to choose another title, the original purpose of the blog, to celebrate the people, places, ideas, and events that enrich my life, remains the same.

My brother’s eldest son and the first of the family’s “next” generation, Kenneth occupied a place of importance in my life and especially in his dad’s life, the two of them being nearly inseparable. Our father’s eldest brother was called “Unkie” when we were young kids. When Kenneth was born, my mother, ever mindful of family roles and what they are called, announced that the elder brother is called “Unkie.” And, so it was.

Time passes and life takes unanticipated if not unwelcome turns. A hostile divorce, geographical distance, and the exigencies of everyday living have separated Kenneth from me for more than thirty of his thirty-eight years. Happily, the separation ended yesterday when Kenneth, once again, entered my life.

In many ways, I feel “ripped off” having been deprived of Kenneth’s presence in my life these many years. But, choosing to celebrate the blessings that fill my life prevents me from nursing unhealthy and unproductive resentments. Kenneth is in my life again. I am grateful for that blessing. We go forward.

A brief digression into the past before moving on
I saw Kenneth the last time over twenty years ago when he was probably in his late teens. Prior to that, I hadn’t seen him for at least ten years. I had a ring—a moss agate in a silver setting—that my grandmother gave to me before she died. I was fourteen years old. The ring belonged to my “Unkie.” I wore that ring for many years and cherished it because it had belonged to one I loved dearly. I decided it was time to pass the ring on and, on the occasion of what was to be our last meeting for twenty some years and, as Kenneth’s “Unkie,” I gave the ring to him.

Back to the present
The wonder of modern technology made it possible for Kenneth to “find” me yesterday through FaceBook. A brief message from him was all that was required to open the floodgates of happiness I feel about having Kenneth in my life once again.

Kenny (unless he tells me to call him by another name) sounds well-settled and happy in his life married to Lucy, a lovely woman who I had the pleasure of meeting and of chatting with over the telephone later in the day after our initial exchange of FaceBook messages. Kenny and Lucy have two beautiful daughters, Katie (19) and Alie (16). A trip in the near future to visit them and to become better acquainted with all is eagerly anticipated.

Beginning this blog, I had no idea what it would come to mean to me in terms of the people and events that bless my life. In writing a story about Kenny, I never dreamed we would come full-circle.

God bless the moon!

0 thoughts on “God Bless the Moon Redux

  1. Lucy Juarez

    Dear Unc,
    Thank you so much for my honorable mention in your blog. You are so good at celebrating life! Your passion amazes me. Your spirit is a gift to us all. Your words and expressions make us feel loved and wanted.
    Love Lucy :o)

    1. Dennis

      You ARE loved, wanted, AND appreciated. Having Kenny and you in my life is an unexpected gift and delight. I look forward to continuing the celebration!

      Love, Unk

  2. Cindy Christie


    I just read your BLOG re: Kenny ( yes, I’m slow and technologically challenged, but am striving to move forward into the 21st century with the help of my children…). It brought tears to my eyes and a considerbly-sized lump to my throat. I appereciate your positive remarks concerning the painful losses we sometimes experience in this life. Be grateful, love each other, and move forward in the here and now.
    Loving, missing, and thinking of you often,