Recalled to life

“Dad! I checked your blog and you haven’t written anything since April!”

That my daughter, Susan, reads my blog is exciting news. That she expects me to keep it up is high praise.

I don’t blog to introduce guilt into my life. But, in this case, a little guilt may not be a bad thing. Well, let’s not call it guilt. I’ll settle for “awake up call,” instead.

May was busy with end-of-semester activities, graduation, and preparations for a month-long trip to Southern Africa (more about that in subsequent posts).

Since returning from my travels, my blog muse has been unusually silent and I have allowed myself to enjoy uncharacteristically low productivity and to wallow in major self-indulgence—though I suppose some will argue that writing a blog is the ultimate display of self-indulgence.

Thanks to Susan’s not so subtle nudge, I am recalled to life. More to come…

0 thoughts on “Recalled to life

  1. Susan

    That you are so excited about the fact that I read your blog is flattering! That I am one of your many adoring fans, not surprising. I am glad that my “nudge” recalled you back to life. Your stories are enjoyable and are sure to inspire all who read them . They also remind me of how proud I am to be your daughter. Looking forward to many more. I love you Daddy!



  2. Dennis

    Dear Suz,

    For a dad, it doesn’t get any better than this! Thanks for always being there to “nudge” me!

    I love you,